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Friday, 12 July 2013

REN clear skin cosmetics, FREE with RED magazine, August 2013

RED magazine with a REN skincare mini giftset
REN giftset in RED magazine, august 2013
 Hello lovelies! Hope your summer is as gorgeous and breathtaking as you are!

For the month of August RED  magazine is including a free mini gift set of 3 products by REN cosmetics for £4. Bargain, as a shop-a-holic might exclaim, taking in count the prices for a full size product of the oh-so-famous skincare brand, which has been raved for all around the blogosphere and beauty world.
The set contains:  a Rosa Centiforia Cleansing Gel 15ml/0.5fl.oz.; a Frankincense Revitalizing Night Cream - 3ml/ 0.1 fl.oz. and a Vita-mineral day cream 10 ml./ 0.34 fl.oz. 

That is the perfect holiday travel size kit.  Having the chance to try so many products and see if they work for you mustn't be missed. The plastic bag in which they are can be used for small amount of cosmetics, which you want to secure from leaking - comfortable and handy. Another additive are 2 small samples of Palmolive Ayurituel energy shower gel and Lancome advanced genifique - youth activating concentrate. There is also a leaflet for £15 off when you shop online above £60 in Saynsury's. Those small things hidden between the pages add that bit extra spice to the surprise pack.

The magazine itself is an interesting read. Without the boring and pretty exaggerated sex rules/advice it shines above the bulk of twin-looking magazines. 224 Luxurious pages full with high quality material. And what I like the most - there is no extraordinary amount of gossip. A celebrity bite is part of the game of course, but not overwhelming and thankfully in the form of interviews.
Starting with interesting travel stories, plenty of fashion and makeup inspiration, cooking recipes, and psychology/essay type of articles, this is an overall great read. Even without the included free gifts it deserves to be chosen over the other fashion/style magazines.

I am including part of big brand's adverts, which might inspire your looks for the season.
After a week I will give my opinion on the products.
Have a lovely week and talk to you soon! Kisses...and a smooch!


  1. I just got this mag too with the REN bits - have yet to try them...

    p.s. thanks so much for your recommendation of the place to visit in Bulgaria - I think you only mentioned one of the towns though - I would love to know the other one you meant to say? The one I looked up looked incredible! You can link back to the original comment here to let me know :) http://www.thankfifi.com/2013/07/tailored-sailor/#comments

    1. Oh my gosh!!! You've seen my blog! :)) haha I'm over the moon now. I've commented again about the place recommendations: Vratsa and Nesebar :) it's a bit too long but I hope helpful if you ever decide to visit :)