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Friday, 17 October 2014

L'occitane free gift review and £10 off coupon code

Hello lovelies!

In the beginning of October I've received an e-mail from L'occitane that I can send 3 of my friends a free gift set by the brand. I was over the moon, because of the opportunity to give such an amazing gift, with which you can make other people smile and enjoy quality products. Furthermore it was such a miracle that I saw the e-mail - I tend to ignore most of the subscription adverts my mail is trashed with daily.
L'Occitane free gift October 2014

The set contains: 
1. Verbena Shampoo 30 ml.
2. Almond shower oil 35 ml. (read review here)
3. Shea Butter hand cream 10 ml.
4. Milk shea butter extra-gentle soap 25 g. 

I have raved a lot about this brand, as their whole body/shower/hand cream line is amazing. Everything smells divine, as the scent lingers on the skin for quite a while; the cream, shower gel and soap are very moisturising  and the verbena shampoo is refreshing and leaves your hair fresh and clean.
For about 1 year I have gone through 2 250  ml. bottles of the Almond shower oil  (see full size below) and have finished few of their mini (10ml.) hand creams (review coming soon). There is a pic below with the full size versions.

Here is a coupon code which you can use to get £10 off, when you spend £20 or over, valid until 02.11.2014:  GIFT32BLJ . 

L'Occitane en provence almond shower oil mini - 35 ml & full size 250 ml. bottle; Verbena shampoo - mini - 30 ml. and full size - 75 ml. 

 * This is not a sponsored article, as I have purchased everything with my own money (there are loads of promotions and discounts when you register for L'Occitane's newsletter).

Have a wonderful weekend! 


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