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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Wolves are kissable?!

A recent reasearch has shown that wolves howl when they are in love. I just wanted to ask if it is true, when it comes to you?
Do you howl? Or do you not? Are you the alpha? What if you are a beta? Does the moon affect you in any way? Do you have a pack? Are you proud of it if yes? Is it a lone wolf, what you are? Are you a grey one or a German Shepherd...or Siberian Huskie? Are you a wolf at all? What if you are a dog? Would you feel less special that way? Would you feel ashamed? Would you still pretend to be a wolf? Could you fake it just as good? They say that a wolf can change its skin, but not the manners/character, do you agree? Can you change, if it was for free? Into a real wolf I mean. Do you like running with the wind and chacing wildest dreams? Do you like hiding in the dark and seeing beyond the darkness that's within? Do you like scrutinizing others with your sight or always peer into the ground? What is that relationship you are having with the moon? Is it an affair or something which will never bloom? Is it a myth that people like to tell, and you are afraid to disagree? Because the true story might not be for everybody's ears? 

Would you kill me if I am not a preditor like you? If I were a domestic animal? Would you enjoy tearing my peaceful heart with fangs and claws? Will it be an act of art or just natural selection? Without thoughts, with no affection? What if we were from the same kind? Same blood type, maybe? Where on earth would that be? Which forest would be so enchanted, so unique? I wonder as I howl on my way back home when witching hour. And that howl is so loud, did it come from my throat? Was it my voice singing to the clouds and stars, under the drumming of the rain? Under the tribal dance of inflared leaves and deadly music of someone's pain. Do you hear that howl? Perhaps it's a happy one? Perhaps howling can't get you tired? Have you tried? It comes natural once you start...if you only knew how to. Howl? I am sure you do - intuition speaks.

Do you think wolves might be kissable? Or the thought of it is inadmissible? Don't you worry that if they were indeed...and if you were ever kissed by one? Or two or three? Or more? Would you return the final kiss, or roar in defence? Would you rather miss...or there will be a suspense?

End of survey - sign and leave. 

Mr Wolf Bite Creed