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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Boots Haul, July 2013, N7 cosmetics

Today I felt the destructive urge to shop. DO NOT ASK why, I have my reasons...kind of. Believe me, I am NOT the sort of person who finds great delight in spending money for useless things. I'd much rather save. But as they say ''better splurge on time'', which led to my epic fail today. We all know the tricky side of the coupons with discounts and points - as with every *document the magic is hidden in the small print. Why do you need the points? Well if you save up somewhat, somehow above  2 000 you might be able to get something nice for free I guess. I had a 500 extra points voucher if I spend £30 or above. However I did that in 2 different cash points and the kind lady at the 2nd one told me she was very sorry, but it was not valid in that case. £30 pounds should be spent in a single transaction, on a single cash point - no matter that it is with 10 minutes difference in the same BOOTS shop... Oh well, I guess I should blame the bad arrangement of male and female cosmetics...not blame yourself of course.
Anyway I had the best time there as far as a crazy shop-a-holic of the cosmetic-o-freaky kind could have.

I had ran out of foundation (not quite, but that is another story, which would involve comparison between brands). My love with N7 foundations is true and eternal. I have had the mouse one before and simply loved it. Now I was going for the Matte formula, recommended by Lisa Eldridge (one of my favorite makeup artists, with a website and youtube channel) . She recommends that for oily skin, as long as the Clarins Matte foundation, which is about £25.  However when the lovely shop assistant found/matched my skin colour with the machine  she could not match it with the exact foundation of that range, so I've received a tester to see if it will work somehow blended.

That is why I went back to the mousse formula which I already have tested and was impressed with. It was £12, 95 and now you get double points with the receipt until 11th August. There is an offer if you buy 2 products of the brand you can get a free bag with nice samples: primer, tinted moisturizer, eye shadow, lip gloss and mascara, all that in a waterproof bag.
 I will make a review in a week. 
I have also got the largely raved Collection lasting perfection concealer in shade 2, for £4,19.

Another thing coming soon is an amazing Men haul which I did as a surprise for my bf, however that is a subject to another post with recommendations for male grooming products or simply small gift idea for him.
 Have a nice week and work hard for what you really want - there is no shortcut to the easy life, sweat and tears - for lovely years. :) 


  1. Thank you very much for your sweet comment Dear :)
    Great post :) I wish I had sth from this brand but it's not available in here, just via Internet. Maybe one day I'll buy sth as I heard these products are great :)

    1. Hey :) yeah it's a pity they r not widely available, their foundations r a dream, also the eyeshadow and mascara are the best. everything else is godd, but the ones mentioned r amazing. But u have Inglot, which is awesome.