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Monday, 22 April 2013

Beauty from the nature: oil and vinegar/ Красота от природата: олио и отцет

Hello!/ Привет! :))

The big dilemma now - to put it on your face, or on your plate? Големият въпрос - козметиката става ли за ядене?!

Being an absolute beauty addict and curious to try new things I have decided to apply more natural products into my daily routine. Realizing the sad truth that all the posh* and glamorous shampoos and conditioners would be not just an unnecessary splurge, but a loss of trust in the brand - when it comes to serious issues with the hair. I was not surprised when I came across million blogposts, articles and videos about how to get rid of the unpleasant dandruff (you can read more about what causes it here)  - the cure is apple cider vinegar! However the great ideas are simple, yet so hard to think of in the 1st place.
The hair mask treatment is simple - pour the vinegar on your scalp and put on a cap, while you sleep with it. In the morning rinse off and apply shampoo, there is no smell remaining after, however it might cause a little bit of discomfort if you are sensitive to scents (it was 1,5-2 out of a 5 point scale for me). I saw big difference after the 1st procedure and continued doing it 2 times weekly for a month. After 7 procedures I have about 50 ml left. An apple cider vinegar from your local store might be a lot cheaper version, which will work just as well.
Omega 3-6-9 oil and Apple balsam vinegar from Vomfass in Buchanan Galleries
Много исках да изпробвам нещо ново и направо от природата. При една от разходките ми из малък местен шопинг център попаднах на най-интересното място в мола - отворен щанд за отцет и олио от цял свят. Внася се от Германия www.vomfass.com  e сайта и има продукти от Мароко, Италия, Гърция и тн. Ах, красота! Никога не съм предполагала, че съществуват толкова различни видове отцет и олио. Опитах около 8 от тях и обслужването беше на невероятно ниво - продавач-консултантът знаеше подходящите продукти както за готвене, така и за козметични цели.
Ябълковият отцет е идеален против пърхот. Нанася се върху скалпа, след това се поставя кърпа или найлонова шапка и се спи (8 часа, ако разполагате с лукса). Миризмата не е натрапчива (поне на този, който купих) 100 мл. за около 15 лв. Което като се сравни с милион безполезни шампоани е разумна цена. Нормалният ябълков отцет от магазина би имал същото действие.

С маслиново олио гримът/дори водоустойчивият, се премахва идеално. Овлажнява кожата оставяйки я мека. Антибактериален измиващ препарат за чинии + маслиново олио - блаженство за четките за грим. Тук е обяснено как става.
Хмм не обичам да се шляя дълго и безцелно сама по магазините. Интересно е за около час, два (освен, ако нямате нещо определено, което търсите), после ви се вие свят и стяга сърцето. Хиляди хубави неща, които са ви излишни или пък не-чак-толкова-спешно необходими, НО които искате и ви е криво, че няма как да трупате още един чифт бански за когато станете минус 1 размер...ах!
Бъдете авантюристи* и опитвайте нови неща...дори само за да се убедите, че нямате нужда от промяна :))

Olive oil can be used as a makeup remover. It breaks your makeup/even waterproof magically and also conditions the skin.  Also along with antibacterial dish washing gel (50/50) you can wash your makeup brushes - they need to be desinfected and conditioned! Here is a video by Michelle Phan explaining how and why. I have tried it today and I hope my brushes had an amazing spa treatment ha-ha.
I am keen on trying Marroccan oil which is good for the hair. And the average price for a bottle is around 30 pounds, however if you buy it from http://www.vomfassuk.com/ it is few times cheaper. Around 10 pounds for 100 ml. (and you pay for a glass bottle separately).
Omega 3-6-9 oil and Apple balsam vinegar from Vomfass in Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow
One day few weeks ago I was wondering about one shopping center, which happens rarely, because after few hours walking around nameless shops you feel dizzy and miserable. It's often full of eye candy, which is predominantly for window shopping, part of the reasons being - you do not need to own many things which you do not need. Anyway - that is NOT the philosophy of a shop-a-holic!
Omega 3-6-9 oil and Apple balsam vinegar from Vomfass in Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow

I found the best place to explore tastes from all over the world - a stall with oils and vinegar, usually used for cooking. The staff were extremely nice and helpful - wonderful customer service. There are products from Greece, Italy and Germany - the last one is actually the supplier for Scotland. I have tried around 8 different types of vinegar and oil and ah there are so many amazing tastes which can make a big difference to your dish!
For cooking purposes the products might seem a bit prissy - depending on your food budget, however for my dark cosmetic plots they were just perfect - 13,80 for 2 100 ml bottles. 
If you want to try something new - go for it, explore the wonderful world of tastes and try to change something in your routine - change is good...even if you are testing it just to make sure you are better off without it. 

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