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Friday, 17 May 2013

Buchanan Galleries event: an evening of style/ Глезотиите в мола и малка разходка из Глазгоу

The lovely sunny weather outside needed to be celebrated with a walk around town, which eventually ended at the Buchanan Galleries event.
There were free tickets for it on www.itison.com, which is an amazing website for all kinds of discounts. However you could enter freely without tickets, as it was open for anyone to shop as always.
 I managed to get in the mall a little before 7; the event was said to start from 6 pm. It was not too crowded, the traffic allowed you to get from one point to the other without being torn in pieces by rushing shoppers. Very pleasant atmosphere, electrified with the excitement of trying/seeing new things and the busy bubbly crowd of interested viewers. With  loud chart music as a background.
There were massage and makeover options, as well as a cocktail making class - that had a massive queue! Staff was mostly very friendly and helpful, constantly offering chances to enter in prize draws.

The difference between a normal day and that event were that there were a lot more mini stalls with products and consultants than usual, as well as many free entertainment options, which were delightful. I loved the photo booth, where you could choose from a variety of accessories: wigs, hats, mustaches! And then pose in your best artistic way (or in my case do the absolute opposite at the moment they tell you: SNAP), by getting away with 4 different poses in 2 mini sets. This is their website www.snaphappymedia.com .

Another interesting thing was an open cupcake decorating lesson. Delicious cupcakes on which you could pour different flavors icing from a quite gigantic tube (10 times a normal one). And then decorate them with a variety of small sugar figures and glitters.
There were discounts at all of the shops, but there are discounts pretty much all year round. Some of the shops offered small treats - as a glass of juice or snack.

The fragrance shop gave away 3 mini fragrance samples (2 - 1,5 ml; 1 -2ml) of Lady Gaga's Fame; David Becham ''The essence'' and Beyonce ''Midnight Heat''.

I have finally managed to talk with a lovely assistant (with the MOST healthy skin I've ever seen) at a Liz Earle counter. I have read/watched a lot of positive and amazing reviews of the product, however was unsure whether to go for it. Or for the 3 times more expensive version - Emma Hardie amazing face balm cleanser (which is very raved about too). The thing which impressed me was that the company Liz Earle does not invest in advertisement, it's popularity is due word of mouth (as the consultant told me).
Now I can see why - she gave me a catalog with their products and a small 30 ml sample of the Cleanse and polish with a muslin cloth (which I've tried once and there is a difference! full review later). It is on the pricey side, however it is highly reasonable, for what you get.

Lastly I went to the N7 counter as I like their foundations and makeup range, but have forgotten which color am I. They have an amazing machine which when touching the skin can tell which foundation color will suit it. I haven't seen that before.
On my way out I found myself at a whisky shop, in which I saw the best (in my opinion) title for a bottle: ''Writer's tears''.
Overall grade for the idea of the event (and its realization) 5/5. The best ideas in my opinion were the craft ones (cupcake decoration) and funny photos. It would be nice to see more (crafty) events like that.
Speaking of that, there is going to be a free crafter's co-op on Sunday, 19 May in the Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor hotel. You can find more information here->  itison.

Below are some photos of sunny Glasgow. It was irresistible not to try and capture as many rays of light as possible.
The King's Theater, Glasgow

King's Theater, Glasgow

The Mitchel Library, Glasgow

Glasgow in the evening, just before sunset

The Mitchell Library, Glasgow

Have a lovely weekend :))


  1. Много хубав ден си изкарала:)Радвам се :)

  2. lovely pictures! nice pleace.

    1. aww thank you :) yeah Glasgow is really magical